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Reception clerk

Catégorie Receptionist

Employment status: Replacement, full-time (35 hours a week)

Main functions: 

  • Receives and transmits telephone calls
  • Informs customers of required documentation for processing their application for legal aid
  • Identifies the specific needs of callers
  • Refers, or provides information to callers, over the phone or by correspondence, on the approach to follow
  • Considers the main relevant elements of their request and sets appointments
  • Receives, greets and accompanies customers or visitors to their destination, if necessary
  • Collects, enters and transcribes the data concerning the request for legal aid
  • Verifies the existence of previous legal aid applications, the existence of conflicts of interest, records and pending cases
  • Opens, closes and classifies files
  • Prints legal aid applications, certificates, mandates and refusals as well as their modification and any other document related to admissibility
  • Receives, opens and distributes incoming mail; mails outgoing mail
  • Keeps the documentation display racks up to date
  • Maintains statistics
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Legal aid assistant

Catégorie Legal secretary

Employment status: Replacement, full-time (35 hours a week)

Main functions: 

  • Assigned to the professional work of one or more lawyers
  • Transcription, production, preparation of documents and procedures
  • Preparation of correspondence
  • Keep an agenda
  • Reception, filtering and routing of telephone communications
  • Replacement of the front desk receptionist as needed
  • All other related tasks.
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