Legal Aid, a fulfilling career

For more than 40 years, the Centre communautaire juridique de Montréal (CCJM) has put its clients at the heart of its concerns in order to realize its mission. To favour access to justice, we work with our community and institutional partners.

Our employees intervene in numerous, complex, human situations. They make no compromise with respect to the rigour and quality of their services. Their constant commitment makes them devoted to community service.


Work at Legal Aid in a healthy, stimulating environment

The CCJM offers its employees a healthy, stimulating, and mobilizing work environment. Among others, we favour health, well-being, implication, and the development of skills for everyone.

Competence, responsibility, respect, team spirit, and service-mindedness are the values that guide our practice. We believe in these values and our employees are the best ambassadors to bring them to life and share them daily.

Other than these values, help, the passion of a job well done, collaboration, and the sharing of knowledge and information are a few of the characteristics of the experience you can look forward to when you apply for a position at the CCJM.

Don’t wait to become a member of a multidisciplinary team of passionate people!


Legal Aid, an employer of choice

Our objective is to give equal opportunities to all and to enrich our multidisciplinary teams with talented, competent, and dynamic people. Whether you are a newly graduated novice or an experienced professional, you are our main asset.

We believe that a happy employee gives the best of himself and offers excellent services. This is why we do everything in our power to offer you the best employment experience possible.


A complete line of employee benefits

We are proud to offer a competitive total compensation package that includes a wide range of employee benefits such as:

  • Favourable annual vacation: 20 days after one year of service
  • Pension funds: defined benefit plan that is generally limited to government and big companies such as Bombardier, Alcan, Air Canada, etc.
  • Drug insurance and other: life, salary, travel medical insurance, accidental death and dismemberment
  • Long and short term wage replacement which guarantees peace of mind as you will have income even in the case of illness or accident.
  • Group insurance for medical and paramedical expenses for you and your family: this insurance includes specialties such as psychologists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, physiotherapists, osteopaths, etc.
  • Employee assistance program
  • Statutory holidays: approximately 13 statutory holidays per year
  • Annual promotion for employees and bi-annual for lawyers
  • Pay: direct deposit every two weeks

All permanent personnel of the CCJM below the age of 65 years are covered by the same disability insurance. Replacement personnel benefit from this coverage after 13 weeks of employment at the Centre.


Cost sharing of premium payments

Collective insurance: Employer’s share: 84 to 91.84%

Employee’s share: 16 to 8.16%

The CCJM pays the totality of premiums related to short and long term wage replacement.

Length of invalidity % of salary Coverage provided by:
1-10 days inclusive 100% CCJM
11-75 days (short term) 75% (weekly benefits for payment and calculation) Desjardins sécurité financière
76 days or more (long term) 75% (monthly benefits for payment and calculation) Desjardins sécurité financière


A respectful, satisfying work environment

The CCJM values autonomy, empowerment, as well as the diversity of the professional and technical expertise of its employees. It strongly encourages the development and sharing of this unique expertise (for example, with our Training Committee, professional meetings, etc.).

We do everything possible to promote your well-being and encourage the expression of your talent:

  • Unionized working environment (employee union: SFPQ, lawyers’ union: CSN)
  • Sound management practices
  • Reception and integration process
  • Continuing education and coaching
  • Mentoring program with expert level lawyers
  • Relief development program
  • Recognition and appreciation at work program


A quality of life that also meets your family needs

All of the employees of the CCJM benefit from a healthy quality of life at work that allows them to harmoniously conciliate their professional challenges with their personal life projects. This quality of life is expressed by several measures such as:

  • Balanced work schedule: 35 hours/week for office employees and 37.5 hours/week for lawyers
  • Possibility of benefitting from a choice of work schedule for office employees
  • Reduction in work time program
  • Different leave without pay and partial leave without pay programs
  • Various leaves to highlight important life events (maternity, special leaves related to pregnancy and breastfeeding, paternity, adoption, wedding or civil union, death, moving, etc.)
  • Work and family balance policy for the lawyers employed by the CCJM for which we received the Meritas of the Barreau du Quebec for work-family balance
  • Early retirement program
  • Encouragement to participate in a physical conditioning program such as yoga classes in the work environment
  • Involvement in a process of certification for a healthy enterprise
  • Dynamic social committee

So what are you waiting for? Apply