Evaluation of financial eligibility

To determine if you are financially eligible to legal aid,

We take into account your income, assets and liquidity including those of your spouse.


If you have conflicting interests with your spouse

We will only consider your income, assets and liquidity.

Note that if you are financially eligible, you may be eligible under the free component or the contributory component.

Income is calculated annually. We consider all sources of revenue, including:

  • Employment
  • Business
  • Real Estate
  • Employment insurance benefits
  • CNESST income replacement benefits
  • SAAQ income replacement benefits
  • Salary insurance benefits
  • Support payments
  • Scholarships and other benefits

Some income can be deducted from our calculation.

We may deduct expenses related to:

  • A severe physical or mental impairment
  • Child care expenses paid up to the amount eligible for the provincial tax credit
  • Actual child support payments
  • Tuition fees deductible under the Income Tax Act

We consider the value of your assets and those of your spouse, such as:

  • Real estate
  • Non-locked-in pension funds
  • Debt

We include your liquidity and those of your spouse, i.e.:

  • Cash
  • Assets that can be converted to cash in the short term, such as savings bonds and stocks
  • To determine financial eligibility of minors, we consider :


  • If the minor has conflicting interests with their parents or guardian by judgment, we will only consider the minor’s income and liquid assets.In this case, the cost of the services may be claimed from the custodial parent.


  • If the parents are not eligible to Legal Aid, they will each have to pay 50% of the bill.

Eligibility to free aid

To be eligible to free legal aid, your income and that of your spouse must be less than the scale set out in the regulation.

Scale of eligibility to free legal aid

Effective May 31, 2023

Eligibility to contributory aid

Even if your income, assets or liquid assets and those of your spouse exceed the amount set out in the Free Eligibility Schedule, you may be eligible to Contributory Legal Aid.

Scale of eligibility for contributory legal aid

Effective May 31, 2023

Contributory aid important to know

  • The amount of the contribution varies between $100 and $800, in $100 increments. This amount includes a $50 administrative fee. Regardless of the services rendered, the Contribution does not vary and cannot exceed the cost of the services rendered.


  • Payment of the contribution

A $50 fee must be paid upon opening your file. Payment of your contribution to CCJM is made within 15 days following your acceptance.


  • Where and to whom do I pay my contribution?

Payment of the contribution can be made at the legal aid office to which you have applied or at our head office. You never pay your lawyer directly.


  • I can’t pay my contribution at once, what should I do?

Under certain conditions, the Executive Director can make an agreement allowing your contribution to be paid in several instalments over a maximum period of 6 months.

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