How to apply at Legal Aid


Do you need a lawyer? Our lawyers are there for you! There are several steps to applying for legal aid. Follow the guide!


Step 1: Call Legal Aid directly

The first step in your application is to call us at 514-864-2111 that can give you the services you need.

The Centre communautaire juridique de Montréal (CCJM) has several offices spread out over the territory of Montreal to provide you with quality services that meet your needs:


Step 2: Make an appointment at a Legal Aid office

You now know at which office to make your appointment. You can now make an appointment with one of our permanent lawyers to meet directly in the relevant office.


For a detained or hospitalized person

Call us at 514-864-2111. A lawyer will take over your file.


For a person under arrest

A provincial answering service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 514-842-2244. You can obtain advice and information on your rights and obligations.


For a person detained by immigration authorities

During the opening hours of the office, call us at 514-849-7570. You can also dial 514-842-2244, a number which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our lawyers will answer your call and can advise you of your rights.

If you wish to use the services of a lawyer in private practice, contact the immigration office to make your needs known. A member of our team will go on-site to assist you in filling out the necessary documents.


For a person serving a federal or provincial sentence

One of our lawyers is entirely dedicated to carceral law. Contact him at 450-680-1467 in order to obtain advice and representation quickly. As needed, our lawyer can also travel to meet you directly.

For a legal aid mandate with a lawyer in private practice, your lawyer needs only send us a meeting request by fax to 514-864-1515. A member of our team will travel to have you complete the required documents.

Step 3: During your first meeting at a Legal Aid office

You have made an appointment in one of our offices. What happens at the first meeting? What documents should you bring?


Required documents

Before coming to your first meeting, prepare all of the necessary information and documents that will be used to determine your eligibility for legal aid.


Verification of your eligibility for legal aid

The first meeting is to determine if you are eligible for legal aid. During this meeting, you must put forth your financial situation and that of your family, then explain what your legal needs are.


Legal aid application

In your legal aid application, you must declare your income, assets, and liquid assets as well as those of your family. The application also contains an authorization to allow us to verify your information.


Acceptance of the file

If the lawyer determines that you are eligible for legal aid, he can then accept your file.


Request for review

You can contest a refusal or revocation of eligibility for legal aid in the 30 days following receipt of the decision.

You can also contest the contribution requested in the 30 days following the receipt of the decision.

If repayment of legal aid costs is requested, you can contest this request in the 15 days following reception of this request. We invite you to communicate with the Corporate Secretary to have your financial eligibility re-evaluated before completing your revision application.

Any interested party in a litigation can contest the financial eligibility for legal aid of a beneficiary by making a challenge application to the Corporate Secretary.

The decision of the Corporate Secretary to maintain legal aid services to a beneficiary following a challenge application may be subject to a revision application in the 15 days following reception of the decision maintaining legal aid.