Documents required to apply for legal aid

In order to complete your application for legal aid, you must bring all necessary documents to your first meeting with one of our lawyers.

If you have any questions or experience difficulties in gathering the documents, don’t hesitate to contact us at 514-864-2111 for assistance.

To print the list of required document, please click here.


What to know when you assemble your documents when you apply for legal aid

You commit to providing all of the necessary information to study your file.  All of the documents must be made available to us in the 30 days following the date of your application, unless the service is urgent.

For example, if you complete your application on March 2nd, we must have your documents on April 1st at the latest.

We understand the difficulty in gathering such a list of documents. However, without the totality of information, or without sufficient reason to justify the absence of certain pieces, your legal aid application may be refused, suspended, or removed in pursuant with the Legal Aid Act (art. 70 a).

Please join us with any questions in order for us to best assist you and facilitate your efforts.