What is the legal aid application?


The legal aid application allows us to determine your eligibility for our legal aid services.

It is a signed document that contains your declaration concerning your income, assets, and liquid assets, as well as those of your family. The application also contains an authorization allowing us to verify the information given.

What does the legal aid application commit me to?

Once you have signed your legal aid application form, you are required to:

  • As quickly as possible, inform the director of the office who is taking over your case of any change in your situation or that of your family that may affect your eligibility for legal aid (income, benefits, etc.)
  • Without delay, inform the director of the office who is taking over your case of any asset or any other monetary compensation obtained after having benefitted from services given by the CCJM
  • Reimburse the costs of legal aid in those cases legislated by the law¬†and regulations, if applicable
  • Pay, if applicable, the real predicted costs and the administrative fees
  • Advise of any change of address
  • Sign a declaration that confirms that the information and documents are exact
  • Sign an authorization allowing the director of legal aid to verify the information with Revenu Quebec and any other minister, organization, or financial or educational institution.