What is the procedure for filing a complaint at Legal Aid Montreal | Laval?


Management of complaints to Legal Aid

Your feedback is precious as it allows us to improve the quality of our services.
Complaints may be made regarding the accessibility, delivery, and quality of services received. In all cases, they are treated confidentially and are reported and accounted for.


 How do I send my complaint?

Step 1 : If you wish to make a complaint we suggest that you first make your dissatisfaction known to the director or person responsible for the legal aid office in question. If you have not received satisfaction, you can send your complaint to the Corporate Secretary, Gilles Trudeau

Step 2 : If you are not satisfied, please  print and send this form

Me Gilles Trudeau
Corporate Secretary Centre communautaire juridique de Montréal
425, boul. de Maisonneuve Ouest, Bureau 600
Montréal (Québec) H3A 3K5


 What information should my complaint contain?

 Your complaint must be detailed. First of all, the compliant must contain your name and address. Your complaint must also contain the name of the person or the situation that motivates your complaint.

In the next 15 days following reception of your complaint, you will receive an acknowledgement of receipt indicating the name and coordinates of the person dealing with your complaint. In the 30 days following reception of your complaint, we will inform you of the state of your file and any decision that has been made.


 In what cases can I not make a complaint?

 If your complaint deals with decisions relative to the application of the Law and Regulations, we suggest that you make a review application to the Review Committee.

Decisions related to the application of the law include:

  • Refusal or withdrawal of legal aid
  • Contestation of eligibility for legal aid of a beneficiary by a third party
  • Contestation or review of the requested amount of contribution
  • Contestation or review of recovery of costs