Discover the strategic plan of Legal Aid Montreal | Laval

The 2018-2023 strategic plan is the result of collaborative work between the Legal Aid Montreal | Laval employees and the members of the board of directors.

The committee in charge, which is composed of members of the management team, an employee and a lawyer, made sure to consult every employee in order to distinguish the main goals of the organisation.  It also ensured to communicate the evolution of the planning so that every member of the team felt involved by the process and agreed with the planning results.

The values and the vision of the Legal Aid Montreal | Laval were also defined after a consultation exercise with all its members.


Regarding 2018-2023, the Lagal Aid Montreal | Laval has defined tree priority stakes:


  • The client: bring the customer approach to life and offer services tailored to the legal needs of the clientele
  • Governance: increase agility and organisational efficiency.
  • Employees: increase employee engagement and team mobilization

Strategic planning has proven to be a unifying and empowering exercise for the teams. Based on this observation, the management team has chosen to entrust its teams with the identification and implementation of projects allowing the achievement of our objectives.

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