The outreach of Legal Aid Montreal | Laval

Our lawyers are committed. They are involved in various committees of different Bar Associations. Some preside, others participate in the work of various committees that touch the ensemble of our clientele.

Legal aid combines legal practice and community involvment.

Our jurists are also involved in various judicial projects such as:

  • Québec court-supervised drug treatment program
  • Le Programme d’accompagnement justice-santé mentale de la Cour municipale de la Ville de Montréal [The City of Montreal Municipal Court’s Justice-Mental Health Accompaniment Program]
  • Le Programme d’accompagnement itinérance [Homeless accompaniment program]
  • Reform of civil procedure
  • The Quebecois forum on access to civil and family justice.


Higher Education

Several lawyers teach at the École du Barreau and universities.


Public Commitment

Some of our lawyers have become involved in public life. They have become:

  • Prime Minister
  • Ministers
  • Deputies
  • Judges and administrative judges
  • Political advisors
  • Managers
  • Presidents of the Bar
  • Public corporation officers

The Honourable Jean Charest, ex-premier of Quebec, and the Honourable Marie Deschamps, retired judge of the Supreme Court of Canada come to mind.


The lawyers of Legal Aid Montreal | Laval, the pioneers of law

By the force of their implication, some of our lawyers have become models to inspire future generations of lawyers. Our pioneers:

  • Huguette Saint-Louis, the first female judge appointed Chief Justice of the Court of Quebec
  • The Honourable Judge Elizabeth Corté, currently Chief Justice of the Court of Quebec
  • Celine Pelletier, the first female judge directly appointed to the Court of the Sessions of the Peace


She has distinguished herself by her involvement

We are proud to mark the participation of Christiane Lalonde on the Family Law Advisory Committee. This comitte, put into place by the Minister of Justice, aims to recommand new rules concerning family law into place, notably concerning common law spouse.


High profile cases from Legal Aid Montreal | Laval and press releases related to the health crisis in 2020-2021



Outreach of Legal Aid Montreal employees | Laval in 2020-2021


  • Ms. Catherine Boutin is elected to the administrative council of The Young Bar of Montreal
  • Ms. Sabine Uwitonze is elected secretary of the Montreal Bar
  • Ms. Jeanne gagné is elected to the position of legal aid representative at the administrative council of the AADM (Association des avocats de la défense de Montréal)
  • Mr. Bruno Boucher presents a memoir to the Committee of experts on the accompaniment of victims of sexual assault and domestic violence on behalf of the CSJ’S Committee on administrative law
  • Mr. Gilles Trudeau is a lecturer at the 4th International Conference on access to legal aid in the criminal justice system during the pandemic
  • Ms. Adriana Chafoya-Hunter collaborates on the memoir submitted by the legal aid network to the Special Commission on the Rights of the Child and Youth Protection presided by Ms. Régine Laurent
  • Ms. Stéphanie Archambault collaborated on efforts with Table Justice-Québec’s subcommittee on familial and youth matters
  • Mr. Charles Tremblay, Ms. Nathalie Gauthier, Mr. Julien Labrie-Masse, Ms. Jessica Lee Moye, Mr. Michael Khoury, Ms. Gabrielle Marquis-Beaudoin, Ms. Jessice de Stefano, Ms. Alexandra Daigle-Roy, Ms. Édith Legault, Ms. Marilyn Lesage and Mr. Vincent Desbiens participated in the Mois de la justice organized by Juripop
  • Mr. Perry Alimbertis, Mr. Félix Arsenault, Mr. Guy Bernard, Ms. Diane Beaulieu, Ms. Caroline Braun, Mr. Martin Charest, Ms. Judith Daviau-Leclerc, Ms. Catherine Lapointe, Ms. Anne Larivière, Ms. Nathalie Lefevbre, Mr. Benoit Lépine, Ms. Gabrielle Marquis-Beaudoin, Ms. Sarah-Claude Pelletier, Mr. Éric Taillefer et Ms. Stéphanie Proulx participated in the Clinic on COVID-19 legal assistance
  • Mr. Joey Hanna, Mr. Alec Fafard, Mr. Michel Ghali, Mr. José da Costa, Ms. Audrey Sheitoyan, Ms. Sarah-Claude Pelletier and Ms. Gabrielle St-Onge participated in the organization and certain presentations as part of the Montreal Bar’s 1st virtual edition of Salon VISEZ DROIT