The community involvement of the Legal Aid Montreal | Laval


At tLegal Aid Montreal | Laval, we intervene at the core of complex, human situations every day. Community and institutional organizations are our essential partners in the search for global solutions to your difficulties, regardless of their nature.

Members of the community to better assist you

We are part of the community and we serve it every day. This is why we are committed to intensify our participation and implication. In addition to our legal mandate, we support the community and volunteer involvement of our employees.

Several of our employees sit on boards of directors of various community organizations working with our clientele. Each year, some of them organize fundraisers and food drives to help our clientele. Involvement of community organizations, register 2020-2021.

Finding solutions to your legal problems is our primary concern. Supporting you in various aspects of your day to day life is the fruit of our implication.